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Product Spotlight: Turn-Key Systems

Super Nurse Call specializes in providing turn-key systems for all types of senior living facilities. What this means is that we can provide a system that includes all panels, devices, and notification systems fully integrated, tested, and programmed to work out of...

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Product Spotlight: Two-Way Radios

Imagine being able to receive call alerts from your residents on your own two-way radio…Well, now you can! Super Nurse Call is offering two-way radios that integrate with both our wired and wireless systems and pass on calls from our panels to your radios. Call...

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Product Spotlight: Communication Modules

Do you need more than one call system display in your facility? Super Nurse Call can do that. Do you also want both your caregivers at the main station and the administrators to be able to see calls from residents and the status of your security system? Don't worry,...

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Product Spotlight: Custom Systems and Devices

We make our call systems and devices just for you and your home or facility. We know that every senior living space is different and requires special call system solutions to work well. We listen to your needs and ask thorough questions in order to customize our...

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Product Spotlight: Notification Options

We know that caregivers are never in one spot for very long. There are a million tasks to accomplish every day and you need to be in every corner of your facility. Super Nurse Call systems come with call notification options that enable you to fly to the rescue. Here...

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Product Spotlight: Wander Management Sensors

Escape, elopement, or wandering off premise by a resident of an assisted living facility is a primary concern for caregivers. It is estimated that up to 31% of nursing home residents and between 25% and 70% of community-dwelling older adults with dementia wander at...

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Product Spotlight: Graphic Annunciators

For some assisted living homes, keeping it simple works best. For years, Super Nurse Call has been making graphic displays and annunciators to make caregivers’ lives easier. Instead of scrolling through an alarm panel or computer to guess which door is open or what...

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Product Spotlight: Super Nurse Call Model ENS48

Trusted Technology for Super Caregivers! Nurse call systems play an integral role in hospitals and care facilities. Having reliable technology in place can be the difference in emergency situations. Wireless nurse call systems allow for instant communication and quick...

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Super Nurse Call makes our nurses’ lives easier and provides for a quality experience for our patients.

They even customized the alarm panel cover with our logo.