Product Spotlight: Custom Systems and Devices

Apr 28, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

We make our call systems and devices just for you and your home or facility. We know that every senior living space is different and requires special call system solutions to work well. We listen to your needs and ask thorough questions in order to customize our products just for you.

TRL Systems, based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, knows that Super Nurse Call can deliver the perfect solution for their clients. Recently, they had us build a hybrid wired and wireless system for a small 18-room facility. The rooms are supplied with Inovonics wireless call buttons and the bathrooms are equipped with wireless pull cords. These devices report a call to Super Nurse Call’s 24-room capacity wireless annunciator, Model ENS24-AB-F. The buttons and pull cords are also wired directly to the hallway dome lights powered by a common power supply. The dome lights illuminate when any call device is activated so that the caregivers know which room to go to right away. Super Nurse Call designed the custom system and provided turn-key hardware quickly within budget.

We can design and build custom call devices quickly and cost-effectively too. One of our customers wanted to change out their worn-out wired system to a wireless system. They had dual recessed bed cord stations in a big hole in the wall. Super Nurse Call designed and built a surface-mount wireless station to fit over the existing hole. The station has two ¼” jacks for bed cords, large red Push Buttons for emergency calls, and utilizes Inovonics transmitters. Not only is the new system attractive and functional, but we were also able to design it for them without a steep price tag.

Contact Super Nurse Call and let us help you with the perfect device or call system for YOUR senior living home! Give us a call at (888) 568 – 0008.

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