Product Spotlight: Wander Management Sensors

Feb 25, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Escape, elopement, or wandering off premise by a resident of an assisted living facility is a primary concern for caregivers. It is estimated that up to 31% of nursing home residents and between 25% and 70% of community-dwelling older adults with dementia wander at least once. A 2006 study reported that one in five people with dementia wander (Annals of Long Term Care).

In order to keep residents safe and give your staff peace of mind, a layering strategy for your security system is optimal. Systems should start in the resident’s room and progress out to the doors of the home, extending to the perimeter of the facility. An effective system will have safeguards and sensors at each layer.  

Super Nurse Call can provide a wide variety of sensors to prevent residents from wandering into harm’s way, including magnetic contacts, RFID door systems and fence climb sensors. At the resident’s room, magnetic contacts can be installed on any doors or windows with access to the outside of the building. At exit doors, RFID tags worn by residents on their wrists will trigger local sounders and even lock the door. At the perimeter of the facility, magentic contacts can be used on gates, climb vibration sensors can be used on metal fences, and photoelectric beams can cross open areas. 

All these sensors can be easily monitored by our wired or wireless call systems. So don’t settle for less, make sure you install a Super Nurse Call System and rest easy knowing you will be notified if a resident attempts to leave your home.

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