Product Spotlight: Communication Modules

Jul 28, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you need more than one call system display in your facility? Super Nurse Call can do that.

Do you also want both your caregivers at the main station and the administrators to be able to see calls from residents and the status of your security system? Don’t worry, we can do that too.

Super Nurse Call wired and wireless call system annunciators can be located in various parts of your facility and display the same call information. This enables caregivers and administrators to be more efficient and quicker to respond. With more than one display there is also back up for every call. This is accomplished with our Communication and Receiver Modules. The Communication Module connects the main wired annunciator to multiple remote annunciators with just a RS485 cable. With the same Receiver Module built into to each wireless call system, it is easy to place multiple wireless displays around the facility. These modules also enable our annunciators to pass on calls to pagers and iPhones.

“I’ve installed many Super Nurse Call Communication Modules and they make my life so easy. I wire all the call devices to the main annunciator and then just one four wire cable to the Communication Module and remote annunciators and they light up like a Christmas tree every time. This gives my customers multiple call displays so they can provide the best care for their folks.”
– Jason Stevenson, Frontier Electric

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