Product Spotlight: Wireless Multi-call Stations

Jan 31, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Super Nurse Call is continually working to improve our products to make it easier and faster for super caregivers to respond to the needs of their residents. We have two new great call devices coming out this quarter which will give senior living homes more coverage at reasonable prices. Our Model ECS440W has a bright red push call button on the front and our Model ECS450W has a motion sensor on the front. Both units also include a bed cord, a pressure pad jack on the bottom, a built-in Inovonics EN1941 transmitter, and are battery-operated.

The Model ECS440W Push Button can be surface mounted to the wall or clipped to a bed or wheelchair. The Model ECS450W Motion Sensor can be mounted to the wall or placed on a side table to identify when a resident gets out of bed or in the room to make sure the resident is up and around during the day. Both call stations will work with Super Nurse Call Wireless Annunciators as well as all compatible Inovonics receivers and base stations. 

We love to make great products and help super caregivers fly higher than a jet airplane, run faster than a locomotive, and take the best care of their residents. 

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