Product Spotlight: ENS24 and ENS32 Wireless Annunciators

Jun 17, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Are you a smaller, temporary, or specialized facility or floor? Do you want to operate as efficiently and effectively as the bigger operations? We have your back!! With the easy-to-install and easy-to-operate wireless call system from Super Nurse Call (SNC), your facility can operate at the level of industry-leading facilities. Model ENS24, twenty-four devices, and ENS32, thirty-two devices, come with built-in Inovoncis receivers and backup batteries that will notify caregivers of a call with a gentle chime and an illuminated red LED next to the room or device number. 

All types of wireless call devices are available – Pendants, Pull Cords, Bed Cords, Push Buttons, Motion Sensors, Pressure Pads, Window, Door, and Gate Position Sensors. We even have specialized sensors like water leak detection, ventilator, and pulse oximeter sensors. Works with all Inovonics transmitters including the EN1221-60.

Turnkey systems can be purchased from SNC preprogrammed so you just plug in and hang on the wall and it works, making your response times quicker and more efficient. This improves your operation, saves money, and enables you to handle more folks who need you. Programming of additional devices is easy to do with an internal LCD screen, a simple menu, and four push buttons.

Call Super Nurse Call to find out more about our great products and how we can help you be more SUPER!! Give us a call at (888) 568 – 0008.

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