SNC-EN5040-T: Wireless Repeater


The Flair wireless Repeater enables the expansion of our nurse call systems over large areas, multiple floors and buildings. Repeaters plug into regular AC outlets and work seamlessly with all of our systems without any programming required. If there are additional halls, floors or a signal is not getting from a particular room to the main panel then simply add a Repeater and problem is solved.

This repeater works with most Inovonics and other brand compatible receivers and transmitters.

Key Features:

  • Wireless, Powered by Inovonics
  • Includes 120 VAC power transformer
  • Includes backup battery
  • No wires or programming needed
  • Self-configuring
  • Case tamper protection
  • UL listed


  • 902-928 MHz

Battery Life:

  • Up to one year