Product Spotlight: Super Nurse Call Model ENS48

Sep 29, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Trusted Technology for Super Caregivers!

Nurse call systems play an integral role in hospitals and care facilities. Having reliable technology in place can be the difference in emergency situations. Wireless nurse call systems allow for instant communication and quick response times. They also allow for better workflow and fewer mistakes. These systems can also alleviate the stress of your staff by giving them peace of mind that they will be notified should a patient in their care need them. 

The ENS48 Flair Nurse call panel checks all of these boxes. It is easy to install and easy to use with built-in Inovonics receivers. The panel has 48 bright red alarm LEDs, an LCD screen, and an adjustable volume chime to notify your caregivers when and where a resident activated a wireless pull cord, pendant, or other Inovonics transmitters. The ENS48 has a built-in battery that ensures the panel will work, even when the facility power or Wi-Fi goes down. 

The ENS48 can link up to five devices per zone for a total of 240 devices monitored. The panel also connects with pagers and phone notification systems in case your staff is not in front of the wall-mounted panel. 

Give your staff and patients the confidence that should there be an emergency, everyone will be alerted right away.

“That family sure was impressed by our response reports!”

“Good data shows how super we are.”