Product Spotlight: Graphic Annunciators

Jan 13, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

For some assisted living homes, keeping it simple works best. For years, Super Nurse Call has been making graphic displays and annunciators to make caregivers’ lives easier. Instead of scrolling through an alarm panel or computer to guess which door is open or what resident needs help, your staff will be able to determine what door or what room needs their attention instantly. This allows your caregivers to act quickly and efficiently. 

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) conducted a survey with security directors and managers of assisted living facilities and wander management was one of their top 4 concerns. Don MacAlister, a leader on the IAHSS guidelines council, says that one of the most important security features of a facility, “is how quickly and readily you can determine if a particular resident or patient has left the facility.” Super Nurse Call’s graphic annunciators allow your caregivers to determine a security breach or resident in distress immediately. 

Our graphic displays can connect to other nurse call systems, no electronics included. The graphic annunciators are stand-alone wired or wireless systems that have the electronics built-in to monitor magnetic contacts or locks at doors, push buttons, patient pull cords, and even water leak sensors, motion sensors, or any other device. Graphic displays and annunciators can be either mounted on the surface or recessed in the wall. The layout of the facility is printed from a pdf or ACAD on white vinyl with a Lexan layer for extra protection. A low-level chime alerts caregivers and a bright red LED shows which door is open or where there is a call for help. 

Give your staff the confidence to provide a safe, secure and peaceful environment for your residents. For more information call us at (888) 568 – 0008.

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